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private session: $80
private session, 10 pass, twice a week: $ 750
private session for two, per person: $55

semiprivate sessions with up to 4 students:
single session: $30
6 sessions, two month pass: $171
12 sessions, two month pass: $312
12 sessions, one month pass: $282

All prices already include the
8.4375% gross receipts tax.

All sessions are 55 minutes in duration.
All passes start from date of purchase.
For an example, if you purchase the pass on the 7th
of the month you will have to renew your pass either
when you have used the number of sessions allowed
per pass or on the 7th the next month or two
months, depending on the pass, after your
purchase, whichever comes first.
Pick the best available option for you,
switch between the available options as needed.
Passes can not be frozen.
No Refunds. No Exceptions.
Payment is due at time of service.
A 24 hour cancellation is required for all services,
or payment is due in full.
The studio does not accept Credit or Debit Cards.
Cash and Check only. Correct change appreciated.
Please contact the studio in regards to any questions you may have.

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