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private session: $80
private session, 10 pass, twice a week: $ 750
private session for two, per person: $55

semiprivate sessions with up to 4 students:
single session: $30
6 sessions, two month pass: $171
12 sessions, two month pass: $312
12 sessions, one month pass: $282

All prices already include the
8.4375% gross receipts tax.

All sessions are 55 minutes in duration.
All passes start from date of purchase.
For an example, if you purchase the pass on the 7th
of the …


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aware pilates studio offers individual (private) and group (semiprivate) sessions.

Individual Sessions

At aware pilates an individual (private) session is exactly that, a one on one work out session between the teacher and client, with no other instructors and clients present, no distractions or disturbance, with a specific focus on the client.

Individual sessions are needed for clients who have never experienced and worked with the Pilates Method and would like to join …